The rare funny bone in Women

I will be honest, i feel like a closet stand up comic. Come, stand with me in the closet and i will give you the laugh of your life.

Outside the closet, i am not funny. I crack the best jokes to myself in bathroom and by the time, i am done with scrubbing my back, i also forget the joke.

I blame this invisible comic streak in me to the stand up comics. The stand up comic scene has now become a rage. We really have some good stand up comics with some epic content & honestly these stand up comic shows on Youtube give a respite to our sore eyes, for what is being aired on Indian Television.

Albeit, watching so many shows on You tube, has made me realize that i might, just might have a tiny comic streak within me too.  This tiny feature within me i can safely attribute to the genes of my grandmother. Her sense of humor is dry, its almost British in nature. But there is also a sarcastic tone to it. Which kind of makes me wonder, that does humor always has this sarcastic tone..why can’t we just laugh at the joke.

And now to the crux of the article. As women, we have the right to laugh, only laugh. We definitely don’t have the knack of making others laugh, except if you count cute, cuddly babies.

Also, there are restrictions on how to laugh. The style to laugh is ironically is also called lady -like. We should laugh and smile demurely. The perpetual classy woman. We can’t laugh loudly, if we laugh there should be no noise. We can’t clap our hands, whistle and cheer. But of course times are changing now. There will be a time, where people won’t turn around when a woman laughs loudly & Freely.

This is the crux of crux of the article. Its like inception but without any special effects. Women Humors writers are rare. Seldom, you will find Women Comic Writers. We as women might be good at whining, complaining, pouting but humor is not our forte.

And writing about it, has never been a strong point.

Still, there are few flag bearers of this rare occupation, who have taken upon their delicate shoulders to make everyone laugh.

Who can forget amazing books written by Erma Bombeck, her comic take on the domestic scene is phenomenal. Also J.K.Rowling her inclusion of subtle humor at times in Harry Potter is good. The recent addition of Twinkle Khanna who observes her surroundings with a sharp sense of wit is also mention worthy. My breadth and length whilst reading Women writers who write Humorous/Comic/Funny,  fiction/non-fiction is dangerously minimal . And i really need to stock up on that list. Because a good laughter almost makes up for any kind of misery in the whole world.

That’s all for now, after a heavy lunch my mind almost dozes off to two hour nap, i call it power nap, but my boss refers to as negligent of duty. I have lately come to an understanding that people have always overlooked benefits of sleeping. We are all advocating benefits of sleeping less & becoming more of a nocturnal animal.

What we should ultimate realize, that sleeping more has its own benefits too. That demands another post. And speaking about benefits of sleeping strongly reminds me of “three men and a boat” By Jerome.K.Jerome.

Till we meet again, laugh loudly and freely without any inhibitions.



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