Back to writing

I would be lying if i say, that i missed writing. Because i didn’t.

But writing is like a stabilizer drug, you got to take it at regular intervals, so that your life remains balanced. The more you pour out on paper, the more better you feel.

These are some confessions purely and solely for me as to what kind of person i have transformed myself into. And i don’t like myself right now.

i am weak, anxious, depressed (maybe) & can cry at the most random thought available in the world. The only thing which keeps me alive right now is perhaps buying books and reading them and of course discovery of new writers.

how much ever i crave for human interaction, i don’t get it the way i want. Or perhaps to put in plain, simpler words..i want to be in a relationship. I don’t feel lonely, but i do miss the warm, fuzzy and happy feelings of being loved, cherished,etc etc. Emotions sucks & being emotional sucks big time.

And the way i am expressing right now, pretty much guarantees that i might write someday a column  for a weekly woman’s magazine or a Dear Aunty Advice column but never a giant literary novel. Those dreams of writing a novel can go and burn high up in the flames.

I honestly don’t know what to write more..i actually signed in to write this one line :-

“you know you are depressed when you wolf down a whole pack of bourbon biscuits and don’t feel guilty about it. And that is 484Kcl in 10 minutes.”

I hope i will continue to write. This article was purely written for myself. Thanks



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