How i became a writer-Chapter 2

She opened her shirt and studied the bruises on her chest. They looked like a haphazard version of lunar phases of the moon. If the bruises’s color were a rainbow, then it would have ranged from light purple to a dark smokey black. The skin around her bruises had turned green.

She looked like a defeated urban goddess. Her black curls fell on her shoulders, she picked up one lazy strand of hair and started twirling it in her fingers. The eyes were a pool of sadness, remorse and yet blank. She studied her reflection in the mirror, removed her pants and lied down on the bed.

Her mind went back to the last time she visited him. She remembered the tone of his voice “be here at 11,my room mates are not there.” He was not doing a favor to her, she was doing a favor to him.

Those 30 minutes of intense love making sessions, were actually the only time they were close. They were fierce, gentle, aggressive, entwined in their own world.

The distance hovered between them, once they made love.

“Stay away from me, don’t touch me. ” he said once they had a shower together. “Don’t make me impure by touching me. ” he said again, when she tried to touch him playfully.

“go now, wear your clothes and leave.” he tossed all her clothes at her.

The human mind is full of paradoxes. “How can you be so distant” She thought. She quietly wore her clothes and walked to the door. He was standing far away from her.

“I love you.” she whispered. “yeah yeah..this is what you say to everyone.” he said and laughed.

“Leave now, before anyone comes.” he said. She looked at him one last time and closed the door.

Benafsha stared at the ceiling of her bedroom. She closed her eyes and hot tears were streaming down on her cheeks.

There was nothing much to say..In Befnafsha’s life, she was used to pain and every heart break felt new. But this deep, dark love with Aditya had bruised her soul.



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