Story of Lopamudra

Lopamudra river gently flowed purifying the land around her. Near the fertile land, where she flowed, a majestic palace hallowed by her presence was built by the kings of Vishnuprastha.

The old king, sat in his chamber after a bath in the river. It was the only chamber in the palace, which was not visited by anyone except the king. And in this chamber he contemplated, think & meditate upon the problems of his land and people.

He sat on the tiger skinned mat, closed his eyes and was lost in the current turbulents in his kingdom. Nearby Devprastha kingdom was claiming its stake on Lopamudra river.

The two kingdoms were at the brink of a war on how to distribute the river beneficially to both the lands.

Years passed & just like some legacy the dispute was passed on to the descendants. They fought , even when the river had turned into a thin trickle and could only hardly fertilize both the kingdoms.

A learned sage and his  wife Kaveri had recently moved into Vishnuprastha Kingdom. Due to turn of certain astrological karma and the goodwill of sage & his wife, subjects of the both the kingdoms had revered the pious couple.

After endless discussions, the learned parties of both the kingdoms finally came to an conclusion to appoint learned sage as their advisor to solve Lopamudra dispute.

The learned sage finally found a solution to end the conflict between the two kingdoms.

On a beautiful, auspicious morning, everyone gathered in Vishnuprastha kingdom to hear the long awaited solution.

The learned sage then suggested to both the kingdoms to distribute proportionate water to both the kingdoms, based on their irrigation, agriculture and annual rainfall. The final conclusion of the solution was that a significant part of Lopamudra river’s water would be given to Devprastha Kingdom.

King of Vishnuprastha Kingdom and other ministers felt that this was injustice to their kingdom. They secretly waged a conspiracy against the sage and staged riots in Devprastha kingdom.

Sage’s wife Kaveri who was on an annual piligrimage to Devprastha was killed in the riots.

Hearing this, sage was engulfed into grief. The grief then turned into seething anger and he cursed the subjects of both the kingdoms- that the dispute will never resolved.

On that eventful day, the heavens above teared themselves into a never ending torrent of rain. Lopamudra was filled but the curse stayed on.

PS- This story was probably written in the form,as if a news reader is reading out news without any emotions. It might look documented but perhaps it is.



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