the sad side of a comic

Disclaimer :- I am not a stand up comic nor i am funny. But i am prone to sometimes rare moments of witticisms and sarcasm.

When life gives you lemons, and if you are in India during hot summer make pickle with those lemons and not lemonade. They taste good and last long.

On this sunday morning, when life gave me emotional jolt, i was at my wits end on how to deal with it. I wanted to sit down and cry, but i was in a crowded mall so i shopped and went home. A bit of crying smudged my make up, and i ended up looking like a panda but not cute.

All the sadness made me think, what do comedians when they are sad. Do they still make funny jokes and bury the pain.

Or may be..

A comedian walks into a bar and that’s it..he walks into a bar, drinks and goes home.

Or if a comedian is a gourmand like me, he walks into a restaurant, eats pizza and goes home.

We are not funny, we are not happy and we are not sad all the time. Thank fully life is mixed jar of pickles, they taste good and last long.

Till we meet again..


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