What do we think & Why

This is just my attempt to write something because a) devoid of any work, i am idle b) the blog has been laying idle for a long time c) getting bored.

So, for my far, few and almost negligible readers..

I finally came to a conclusion. Our mind is a room, a huge room which is rent free and mind is filled with every single thought, word, wish. Its a small universe, quite content to live in a shell made up of bones and encased in lush texture of hair or may be not. But that is what brain is, a highly active organ soaking every single thing in the universe.

Imagine the chaos in head, thousand voices garbling all the time. May be that’s why we are all partially insane, due to the constant chattering in our head. Imagine the mind being silent, devoid of everything i think that’s being sane, perhaps its the silence we are all searching for..

Or perhaps i am just hungry..

I will leave this thought here..i am going to sweep my mind, some cobwebs which are hanging on to the ceiling of my brain, some thoughts to clean and make room for some new thoughts, new ideas to sink in.



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