The beginning of a beginning

I am going anonymous, for reasons of course known to me..because its more fun being unknown, being a virtual stranger.

Plus, i want to keep a record of my evil, devious, vicious thoughts which i dont want anyone known to me read. So well, here i am, just a human being quite vain who loves to complain, dream, depressed at times..

Its easy to wear a mask and i think we wear a mask all the times, this is the only time while writing, where i unmask myself and show you my ugly scary face.

Because we beneath our skin, gentlewomen and men we are just bones. We wear the same cloak. This is you and this is me..grab a chair & lets talk.

I have got a exam, day after tomorrow and instead of studying, i am lounging around virtually. Sometimes on instagram, checking out other people’s profiles or to be exact checking out strangers, what makes them tick, why they are happy, getting married, having kids, and of course luxe holidays. There is a part of me which understands everything, the whys, the hows, the whats to get a better life, but most of the time, for the time being, i am happy like these..lazy, lying down, scrolling to infinity and of course complaining, cursing and comparing…not a life at all..

Are you like this too ? or you are a better human being..i hope you are a better human being.

I want to rise, wake up and believe in all those self help and inspiring books, but i am too happy to sleep, i am too much content and actually feel contented with a non-happy life where i am allowed to complain and sometimes blame at my parents for way my life is…

I hope you are not like me..

This is it for now..i will be here daily, writing is like creating your own little world. Its cocooned & my idea of a vacation. Writing sets you free.

And if any of you are reading this, then thank you.